Summit Organizers


Mandar Apte

Social Innovator, Peace Activist

Mandar is an acclaimed social intrapreneur and winner of the prestigious "Ashoka League of Intrapreneurs" award for his efforts to design and facilitate an innovative learning program at Shell to over 2000 colleagues using mindfulness techniques.


He is currently a Visiting Scholar at the School for Conflict Analysis & Resolution at George Mason University. Recently, Mandar produced a documentary film "From India With Love" - which shares the transformational experience of a group of victims of violence from America during their travel across India in search of solace, healing, and wisdom to reinvigorate nonviolence in America. The film was premiered in April 2018 by Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) at Paramount Pictures in a community screening.


Mandar is a senior faculty member of leadership development programs offered by the Art of Living Foundation and 

The International Association for Human Values - both international, not for profit, 501c3 non-governmental organizations in special consultative status at the UN. Over the past decade, Mandar has taught meditation to thousands of people including returning veterans, inner-city youth, and educators.

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Deepak Sridhar

Social Innovator, Peace Activist

Deepak Sridhar is a pranayama and meditation instructor with the Art of Living Foundation, a global non-profit organization and also works in Silicon Management at Apple Inc. He has been volunteering with the Foundation since 2012 and has pioneered new workshops and ways of engaging with the community.


A meditator since the age of 11, he has traveled through a diverse spiritual and an intensely personal journey before finding his calling with the Art of Living Foundation's work. He is the brains behind the Foundation's extremely successful and innovate YogaFEST and is very passionate about taking the true knowledge of Yoga and meditation to communities all over the world.