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Advisory Council Members

Director, King Institute

Stanford University

Dr. Clayborne Carson

Former Director,

Central Bureau of Investigation &

Central Reserve Police Force, India

D.R. Kaarthikeyan


Metta Center For Nonviolence

Dr.Michael Nagler


International Law Enforcement

Attaché Association (ILEA)

Pablo Pelaez


School for Conflict Analysis and

Resolution, George Mason University

Dr.Daniel Rothbart

Deputy Chief (South Bureau)

Los Angeles Police Department

Phillip Tingirides

Executive Director

Charter for Compassion

Marilyn Turkovich

Director, Peace Building Unit,

International A ssociation of

Human Values

Dr.Katrien Hertog

Deputy Chief (West Bureau)

Los Angeles Police Department

Dennis Kato

Managing Partner

Blue Courage

Michael Nila


Open Government Partnerships

Dr.Sanjay Pradhan


Gandhi Serve Foundation

Peter Ruhe

Co-Founder & CEO | Senior Advisor

International Center for Dialogue and Peacebuilding | Nobel Peace Prize Global Programmes

Gina Torry

Chief of Police

City of Emeryville

Jennifer Tejada

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